Cover of Article "The Milk of Dreams"

The Milk of Dreams

On the eve of the 59th Venice Art Biennale, we examine featured artists that weave between the realms of art and fashion, especially as demonstrated within the pages of A Magazine Curated By.

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Cover of Article "Simon Denny’s ‘Resident 1, 2021’"

Simon Denny’s ‘Resident 1, 2021’

The New Zealand-born artist describes his quilted rugby jersey featured in Futura Proxima, as it relates to colonial and capitalist powers that continue to exert influence on modern society.

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Cover of Article "Fendi Book Club, 2022"

Fendi Book Club, 2022

A literary tradition brought forward by Fendi highlights the intellectual prosaic influences of Kim Jones complemented by Silvia Venturini Fendi’s endeavour to preserve hertiage.

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Cover of Article "Aria Dean: Life As Scene"

Aria Dean: Life As Scene

Recently named as a participant in the 2022 Whitney Biennial, the American artist discusses the critical and social theories that underscore her work featured inside FUTURA PROXIMA.

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Cover of Article "Wales Bonner “Togetherness”"

Wales Bonner “Togetherness”

The curator of the 22nd issue of A Magazine Curated By presents her Autumn Winter 2022 collection, opening a dialogue with jazz trumpeter Don Cherry and his wife, artist Moki Cherry.

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Cover of Article "Beauty by André Leon Talley"

Beauty by André Leon Talley

In memory of the late polymath writer, creative director and stylist, we are honoured to share André Leon Talley’s interpretation of beauty from inside A Magazine Curated By Giambattista Valli, 2010.

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Cover of Article "Rei Kawakubo’s Nomad"

Rei Kawakubo’s Nomad

An exclusive portfolio of Comme des Garçons Homme Plus Autumn Winter 2022 collection presented in Tokyo, photographed and narrated by Noam Levinger.

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Cover of Article "Squid Theory by Natsuko Uchino"

Squid Theory by Natsuko Uchino

The notions and influences of the Japanese artist and her hypothetical currency series of cuttlebone bronze sculptures featured in FUTURA PROXIMA are further revealed.

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A spiral-bound, perforated ‘calendar’ magazine exploring 12 months with 12 artists divining the future through their thinking and their craft, conceived on the occasion of Gucci’s 100-year anniversary.

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Cover of Article "Dancehall Queens Past Present Future"

Dancehall Queens Past Present Future

A conversation between Marlon James and Akeem Smith, featured in A#22 Curated By Grace Wales Bonner, the excerpt examines Dancehall and its birthplace of Jamaica

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