Delfina Delettrez

This landmark issue represents the first A Magazine curated by an Italian woman, and the first to explore the decorative realm of a jewellery designer after the magazine’s longstanding relationship with prét-à-porter designers was first diverted in 2013 by the curation of British milliner Stephen Jones.

Delfina chose the abstract theme of ‘gold’, tipping an international array of artists, designers, photographers, stylists, architects, philosophers and other creative minds to interpret a myriad of aesthetic, alchemical and metaphysical representations of this precious metal and its intrinsic energy.

Contributors to this golden issue include Almine Rech, Amanda Harlech, Daniel Sannwald, Francesco Vezzoli, Jerry Stafford, Silvia Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld, Katerina Jebb, Rafael de Cardenas, Patrick Kinmonth, Luca Guadagnino, Robbie Spencer, Matthew Stone, Katie Shillingford, Shala Monroque, Stanislas Klossowski de Rola, Nico Vascellari, Marc Quinn, Olafur Eliasson & many more.


“Here I have transcribed my discoveries through time into a travelogue — a colourful cocktail of different artists and friends who I encountered along my path.”

Nadja Auermann photographed by Matthew Stone

Table of Contents

New Age Demanded (Delfina’s Gold)

Image of New Age Demanded (Delfina's Gold)

The Four Humours of 109

Image of The Four Humours of 109


Image of Innerstanding

The Great Work of the Metal Lover

Image of The Great Work of the Metal Lover

Pour tout l’or du monde

Image of Pour tout l'or du monde

Hollywood Antiquities

Image of Hollywood Antiquities

The Family Project

Image of The Family Project


Image of Polymorphism

Manifestation of the Divine

Image of Manifestation of the Divine

Spirits Whisper in her Ear

Image of Spirits Whisper in her Ear

The Light Years

Image of The Light Years

Allotropes All of Us

Image of Allotropes All of Us

The Golden Calf

Image of The Golden Calf

Lily: Delfina, Casa: Gioelli

Image of Lily: Delfina, Casa: Gioelli

Tresses of the Day Star

Image of Tresses of the Day Star

Northern Lights

Image of Northern Lights

Postcards from a Friend

Image of Postcards from a Friend

Katerina Jebb

Pour tout l’or du monde
Karl Lagerfeld

Sophia Loren as an Egyptian portrait of Nefertiti
Francesco Vezzoli

Allotropes All of Us
Daniel Sannwald

The Golden Calf
Damien Hirst

Lily: Delfina, Casa: Gioelli
Luca Guadagnino

Delfina’s Gold
Jon Rafman

Matthew Stone

Tab Rings
Ilaria Venturini Fendi

Postcards from a Friend
Shala Monroque