Simone Rocha

A Magazine Curated By’s 18th issue is curated by the fashion designer Simone Rocha. Simone’s sensitive, intellectual approach to fashion is marked by an intimate, unfiltered vision of contemporary femininity with all its twists and turns, a fact that imbues her collections with a unique (yet inclusive) point of view. Simone has called upon an international cast of friends, family, and creative collaborators whose regard stretches above and beyond her chosen subject matter to paint a broad picture of our postmodern human condition celebrating nostalgia whilst remaining firmly rooted in the present.


“Ireland to me is home, and home is where the heart is. Hong Kong is family far away but always by my side.”

Sara Grace Wallerstedt photographed by Leslie Zhang 張家誠

Table of Contents

Rob & Lingan

Image of Rob & Lingan

The Wild Atlantic Way

Image of The Wild Atlantic Way

The Scarlet Line

Image of The Scarlet Line

A Terrible Beauty

Image of A Terrible Beauty

Sitting Portraits

Image of Sitting Portraits

Mayfly with John

Image of Mayfly with John

Louise Bourgeois

Image of Louise Bourgeois

Cave & Crabs (Family)

Image of Cave & Crabs (Family)

The Selected Gifts (1974 – 2015)

Image of The Selected Gifts (1974 – 2015)

Standing Portraits

Image of Standing Portraits

First Suggestion

Image of First Suggestion

Blackberry Picking

Image of Blackberry Picking

The Politics of Bees

Image of The Politics of Bees

Francis Bacon: N°7 Reece Mews

Image of Francis Bacon: N°7 Reece Mews

Gold Bow 金蝴蝶結

Image of Gold Bow 金蝴蝶結

Honey’s Moon

Image of Honey’s Moon

Mary Robinson

Image of Mary Robinson

Rotolo di Spinaci

Image of Rotolo di Spinaci

Molly and the Moon

Image of Molly and the Moon

The Optical Unconscious

Image of The Optical Unconscious


Image of Endgame

A Slanting of the Sun

Young Dubliners

Image of Young Dubliners


Image of Mom


Image of Beijing

Qing Ming

Image of Qing Ming

White Nights

Image of White Nights

Cars and Explosions

Image of Cars and Explosions


Image of Sounds

Braiding Hair

Image of Braiding Hair

Team Ming

Image of Team Ming

I’ve Just Been Shot

Image of I’ve Just Been Shot

White Flowers

Image of White Flowers

Soda Bread

Image of Soda Bread

Contributors in alphabetical order:


Ben Toms, Broomberg & Chanarin, Cait Fahey, Celestine Cooney, Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie, Colin Dodgson, Daniel David Freeman, Daragh Soden, Darina Allen, Dean DiCriscio, Donal Ryan, Dorothy Cross, Eileen Rocha, Eoin McLoughlin, Feng Li, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jacob Lillis, Jamie Hawksworth, Jenny Holzer, Joe Ridout, Leslie Zhang, Linda Brownlee, Lou Stoppard,

Louise Bourgeois Foundation, Malina Joseph Gilchrist, Mary Robinson, Max Rocha, Niall O’Brien, Odette Rocha, Perry Ogden, Petra Collins, Ren Hang, Ren Ri, Richard Mosse, Robbie Spencer, Roni Horn, Ruth Rogers, Sam Rock, Sarah Moon, Samson Young, Seamus Heaney, Stephanie Hegarty, Thurstan Redding, Tyler Mitchell.

The Wild Atlantic Way
Niall O’Brien

A Terrible Beauty
Jackie Nickerson

Lucy Kumara Moore
Ben Toms

Mayfly with John
Colin Dodgson

Simone’s childhood china boll with a broken foot
Sam Rock

Hope Atherton & Conie Vallese
Thurstan Redding

Blackberry Picking
Jacob Lillis

Francis Bacon: N°7 Reece Mews
Perry Ogden

Honey’s Moon
Linda Brownlee

Richard Mosse

Molly and the Moon
Sarah Moon

Boys and Girls by the Sea
Daragh Soden

Qing Ming
Eoin McLoughlin

Braiding Hair
Petra Collins