Veronique Branquinho

Graduated in 1995 from the renowned fashion department of the Antwerp Academy, Veronique Branquinho presents collections under her own name in Paris since 1997. Today, besides a women’s collection, her label also includes a men’s collection, and a shoe collection.

In the late 1990s, Veronique Branquinho took the international scene by storm with a very personal take on femininity and elegance, her signature strongly influenced by the complexity of the female character. Underpinned by subtle references to film, music and art, her fashion offers an alternative to the big luxury brands. Her collections are favoured by men and women who appreciate high quality clothes with a traditional finishing, in superior fabrics.

The theme of female duality, the transition from girl to woman, the ambiguous mystery of the awakening eroticism, takes centre stage in Veronique Branquinho’s oeuvre. Her work is dominated by the perpetual movement between attracting and rejecting, revealing and concealing… For A MAGAZINE, Veronique Branquinho will create a ‘warm, personal and masculine’ issue, a precious and elegant edition offering a unique view on her world and her work, her passions and sources of inspiration.

Kim Peers photographed by Serge Leblon

Table of Contents

‘Pin Cushion Queen’

Image of 'Pin Cushion Queen'

‘From Where I Come’

Image of 'From Where I Come'

‘Moi, Veronique’

Image of 'Moi, Veronique'

‘Voodoo Girl’

Image of 'Voodoo Girl'

‘As Black As Midnight On A Moonless Night’

Image of 'As Black As Midnight On A Moonless Night'

Compliments to Beautiful Men

Image of Compliments to Beautiful Men

‘Nudes And Smoke’

Image of 'Nudes And Smoke'

‘Fire, Fur, and Smoke’

Image of 'Fire, Fur, and Smoke'

Kuki De Salvertes

Elvis Pompilio and Jean Paul Masse

Priska Morger

‘In Loving Memory: Marc Meulemans’

Bart Ruysschaert

Image of Bart Ruysschaert

‘Maybe They Knew Everything’

Image of 'Maybe They Knew Everything'

Els Proost

Image of Els Proost

Benjamin Verdonck

Image of Benjamin Verdonck

Manon De Boer

Image of Manon De Boer

‘Lucia Melts’

Image of 'Lucia Melts'


Image of Francis

‘Moving Moments in Fashion’

Image of 'Moving Moments in Fashion'

‘Favourite Recipe I’

Image of 'Favourite Recipe I'

‘Favourite Recipe II’

Image of 'Favourite Recipe II'

‘Fuel For The Soul’

Image of 'Fuel For The Soul'

‘Queen of the Road’

Image of 'Queen of the Road'

‘Mirror of Venus’

Image of 'Mirror of Venus'

‘The Owls Are Not What They Seem’

Image of 'The Owls Are Not What They Seem'

Contribution by Raf Simons

Image of Contribution by Raf Simons


Image of 'James'

‘Fetish Tree’

Image of 'Fetish Tree'

As Black As Midnight On A Moonless Night
Alex Salinas

Nudes and Smoke
David Lynch

The Air Is on Fire
Manon De Boer

A Wicked Little Fairytale
Jaklien Teuwen

The Great Swallow
Sven Van Baarle

Sylvia, March 1, 2001, Hollywood Hills
Manon De Boer

Queen of the Road
Serge Leblon

Mirror of Venus
Wingate Paine

Kim Peers photographed by Serge Leblon in A Magazine N°6 Curated By Veronique Branquinho

History of our World
Raf Simons & Francis