Iris Van Herpen

From afar, Iris van Herpen’s work is more than hard to read – perhaps even jarring. Silhouettes, at once sensual and stark, cling to the body or carve out away from it in pallid colours and metallic shells. Strange textures are seemingly rigid and viscous at the same time – their futuristic spirit quelled by organic abnormalities and incongruence. Embedded with contrasts, her work is staggeringly technical yet grounded by human imperfection. It represents the culmination of a collective outreach – dresses as icons of a unique, postmodern system of research and development.

Dan Thawley, Editor in Chief

“Inspiration is a matter of sensitivity. It is the ability to collect from the past, present and future as they shift past us simultaneously. In this issue of A Magazine, I want to affirm the importance of alliance and fraternisation, to transgress the experiential boundaries of those versatile relationships that are the catalysts for true inspiration.”

Hanne Gaby Odiele photographed by Pierre Debusschere

Table of Contents

Philip Beesly

Image of Philip Beesly

The Chance Encounter

Image of The Chance Encounter

Remedios Varo

Image of Remedios Varo

The Shape of A Pocket

Image of The Shape of A Pocket

Benjamin Millepied

Image of Benjamin Millepied


Image of Splash!

Kris Kuksi

Image of Kris Kuksi


Image of Spaceman


Image of Serpentine

Karl Lagerfeld

Image of Karl Lagerfeld

Michael Hansmeyer

Image of Michael Hansmeyer

Carlos Van Camp

Image of Carlos Van Camp

Sound Holograms

Image of Sound Holograms

Tempting Illusions

Image of Tempting Illusions

Charles James

Image of Charles James

Materia Lacrima

Image of Materia Lacrima

Imaginary Beings

Image of Imaginary Beings

Nick Knight

Image of Nick Knight

Life, Artificial

Image of Life, Artificial


Image of Chimera

Pan Discomforting Psyche
Kris Kuksi

The Chance Encounter
Photography by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Voltage Haute Couture SS13
Photography by Michel Zoeter

Digital Grotesque
Photography by Michael Hansmeyer & Benjamin Dillenburger

Vegetarian Vampires
Artwork by Remedios Varo

Materia Lacrima
Photography by Pierre Debusschere

Liberty ft. Liberty Ross
Photography Nick Knight, supported by Swarovski

Photography by Nick Knight & Iris Van Herpen