The 27th issue has been curated by Glenn Martens, the Belgian creative director of both Diesel and Y/Project.

Martens’ work is steeped in gothic imagery taken from the Flemish masters, often reworked through a contemporary digitally-informed lens. This juxtaposition plays a central role in his issue, balancing the historical with the now. A substantial portfolio shot in Martens’ hometown of Bruges plays on this theme; Photographer Arnaud Lajeunie and stylist Ursina Gysi photographed 10 years of Y/Project on iconic Belgian models like Anouck Lepere, Delphine Bafort, Kim Peers, Anne-Catherine Lacroix and Roos Van Bosstraeten throughout the medieval city.

The fascination of a muse, in this case the Pre-Raphaelite artist Elizabeth Siddal, is dissected in an essay by Nicole DeMarco, exploring how all redhead muses of history might owe their it-girl statuses to Siddal. The longest extensions made by hair artist Cyndia Harvey is photographed in a series of images by Jordan Hemingway and stylist Robbie Spencer inspired by women like Siddal with fashion by Diesel, Y/Project and Jean Paul Gaultier Couture. Turning the idea on its head, in a series of self-portraits Sharok, the Iranian-American adult performer, takes his agency back in a discussion about the self and representation.

A continuation of this contemplation, Paul Kooiker photographs a longtime muse, using clay and forms to play with the shape of the body. The sitter becomes sculpture. Similarly, a carte blache beauty series by makeup artist Inge Grognard and photographer Zhong Lin turns face into the canvas of artwork — with the striking cover image of A MAGAZINE curated by GLENN MARTENS being taken from this series.


“Opulence & nothing & a cigarette.”

Photography by Zac Bayly

Table of Contents

Silvia Prada

Josh Kline

Zhong Lin & Inge Grognard

Nicole DeMarco

Jordan Hemingway, Robbie Spencer, Cyndia Harvey & Thomas De Kluyver

Michael Abel & Michelle Deng

Paul Kooiker

Kristien Hanselaer

Arnaud Lajeunie & Ursina Gysi

Kacper Kasprzyk & Fredrik Nielsen

Sharok & Lars Byrresen Petersen

John Martin

Senjan Jensen

Bob & Julie Bagnall

Delfine Bafort photographed by Arnaud Lajeunie and styled by Ursina Gysi

Roos van Bosstraeten photographed by Arnaud Lajeunie and styled by Ursina Gysi

Hair extensions by Cyndia Harvey photographed by Jordan Hemingway and styled by Robbie Spencer

Artwork by Josh Kline

Artwork by Fredrik Niesel photographed by Kacper Kasprycz

Julie and Bob Bagnall aka Mohawkamania

Photography by Paul Kooiker

Self-portrait by Sharok

Makeup by Inge Grognard photographed by Zhong Lin