Martine Sitbon

N°5, a mythical number in the fashion world if ever there was one. For our very own #5, we have invited our first female guest curator: Martine Sitbon. From its very cover it radiates a woman’s point of view, the choice to be both seductive and witty. Martine is the perfect mix of Lewis Carroll’s fantasy and Blondie’s energy, and that is exactly what we have tried to bring to this issue.

Nathalie Ours, Editor in Chief


“You don’t have to follow the tempo but I still like to listen.”

Irina Lazareanu photographed by Jean-François Lepage

Table of Contents

Backstage on Rue du Mail

Image of Backstage on Rue du Mail

Rue du Mail…

Image of Rue du Mail...

Malcolm & Martine

Image of Malcolm & Martine

Pinocchio I – Jim Dine

Image of Pinocchio I – Jim Dine

Anita, Anna, Zoe & Martine

Image of Anita, Anna, Zoe & Martine

Pinocchio II – Paul McCarthy

Image of Pinocchio II – Paul McCarthy

Frédéric Sanchez

Image of Frédéric Sanchez

M/M (Paris)

Image of M/M (Paris)

Pinocchio III – Annette Messager

Image of Pinocchio III - Annette Messager

Andrée Putman

Image of Andrée Putman

Sofia Coppola

Image of Sofia Coppola

Rue du Mail

Image of Rue du Mail

Philippe & Martine

Image of Philippe & Martine

Mick Rock

Image of Mick Rock


Image of Irina

Marie Rucki

Image of Marie Rucki

Nick Knight

Image of Nick Knight

Animal Botanical

Image of Animal Botanical

Julie Verhoeven

Image of Julie Verhoeven

Craig McDean

Image of Craig McDean

Marc Ascoli

Image of Marc Ascoli

Stefanie Schneider

Image of Stefanie Schneider

Henry Darger

Image of Henry Darger

Katerina Jebb

Image of Katerina Jebb


Image of Beck

Tilda Swinton

Image of Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton
Craig McDean

Kirsten Owen
Nick Knight

The Female Graze
Julie Verhoeven

Katerina Jebb

Rue du Mail
Cédric Rivrain

David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust
Mick Rock

M/M (Paris) in A Magazine N°5 Curated By Martine Sitbon

Casino Exhibition
Annette Messager

Pinocchio Pipenose Householddilemma
Paul McCarthy & Karen McCarthy

Jean-François Lepage