Eckhaus Latta

This 17th edition of A Magazine Curated By is a comprehensive immersion into the artistic universe of Eckhaus Latta anchored by the core conceptual twist of parody satirising the tropes of a fashion magazine and in particular the longstanding tradition of a September issue. Eckhaus Latta’s avant-garde approach to fashion is brought to light through its adoption and subsequent subversion of existing structures, whilst acknowledging the label’s place in America’s contemporary art scene today. Across two hundred pages, Eckhaus Latta have enlisted a multitude of talents to approach their own work and the fashion industry through both scrutiny and celebration.

“This is at the core of Eckhaus Latta: Being inspired by a pre-existing concept and letting the process mould the results, allowing initial ideas and desires to fall away and reshape into new autonomous forms.”

Nicole Spagnola photographed by Zoe Ghertner

Table of Contents

Sutton, Orr, Eckhaus & Latta

Image of Sutton, Orr, Eckhaus & Latta

Word of Mouth

Image of Word of Mouth

Letters to the Editor

Image of Letters to the Editor

They Are Just Like Us

Image of They Are Just Like Us

Pre-Spring’s Sliding Doors

Image of Pre-Spring's Sliding Doors

Uncanny Silicone Valley

Image of Uncanny Silicone Valley

Feelings, Clothes, A Semblance of Style

Image of Feelings, Clothes, A Semblance of Style

Chic(ks) in the Cities

Image of Chic(ks) in the Cities

Denim & Friends

Image of Denim & Friends

Cover Story E.L. Archive

Image of Cover Story E.L. Archive

Riches to Rags

Image of Riches to Rags

Amboy, American Artist

Image of Amboy, American Artist

At Home with Susan Cianciolo

Image of At Home with Susan Cianciolo

Bathing in Windex

Image of Bathing in Windex

Fair Weather Fashion

Image of Fair Weather Fashion

B-Cumming Rats

Ask Juliana

Image of Ask Juliana

The Year To Come

Image of The Year To Come

Don’t Touch Me I’m Toxic

Image of Don't Touch Me I'm Toxic

Who Word It Best?

Image of Who Word It Best?

Thank You

Image of Thank You

Contributors in alphabetical order:

Alex Chaves, Alex Da Corte, Alexa Karolinski, Amy Yao, Anders Edstrom, Angela Dimayuga, Angelo Flaccavento, Anicka Yi, Anja Aronowsky Cronberg, Anna Betbeze, Aram Moshayedi, Avena Gallagher, Bailey Scieszka, Brian Molloy, Camille Bidault-Waddington, Camille Deterre, Charles Negre, Chris Kraus, Emily Segal, Eric N. Mack, Eric Wrenn, Felix Burrichter, Fiona Duncan, Gabrielle Mack, Haley Wollens, Hari Nef, Jamie Chung, Jay Latta, Jeremy Lewis,

Katie Hillier, Keirnan Monaghan, Lauren Davis Fisher, Linda Yablonsky, Mark Mahaney, Martha Orr, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Math Bass, Matthew Holmes, Matthew Lutz Kinoy, Michael Bailey Gates, Mike Meir, Rob Kulisek, Roberta Smith, Roe Ethridge, Ryan Trecartin, Sandra Sutton Eckhaus, Sharif Hamza, Sophear, Sophie Stone, Steven Eckhaus, Susan Cianciolo, Theo Vamvounakis, Thomas McCarty, Torey Thornton, Zoe Ghertner.

Don’t Touch Me I’m Toxic
Eckhaus Latta

Chic(ks) in the City
Michael Bailey Gates

Sexy Synthetic & The War of Attrition
Sharif Hamza

Untitled production still (2017)
Josh Kline

Illustration & Calendar
Jay Latta & Martha Orr

They are just like us
Rob Kulisek

Eckhaus Latta Casting

Chic(ks) in the City
Michael Bailey Gates

E.L. Archive
Roe Ethridge

Bathing in Windex
Jamie Chung, Angela Dimayuga, Anicka Yi