Photography by Carlijn Jacobs & Make-up by Thomas de Kluyver

Evie Harris at Ford wears Gucci High Jewelry ‘Hortus Deliciarium’ Tourmaline, Diamond and White Gold Cocktail Ring

A PUBLISHER presents FUTURA PROXIMA Curated For Gucci — a spiral-bound, perforated ‘calendar’ magazine conceived on the occasion of Gucci’s centennial anniversary. This 132-page hybrid editorial publication, designed to be hung on the wall or read like a magazine, includes a cross-cultural exploration of the passage of time for the year 2022 and beyond. FUTURA PROXIMA is brought to life over 12 months with 12 artists divining the future through their thinking and their craft.

Designed by Paris-based design studio Ohlman Consorti, FUTURA PROXIMA includes a deep graphic study into the language of calendars, including radial and numeric variants that detail birthstones, flowers, and each month written in a selection of 12 languages: English, Italian, French, Greek, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Cherokee, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew and Hindi.

FUTURA PROXIMA is available for Pre-Order online here from December 1st for holiday delivery, and in selected bookstores and kiosks worldwide from mid-December.


FUTURA PROXIMA is a glimpse at tomorrow — a map of maybes, and a fractal question mark of intriguing possibilities. The extremes of utopias and dystopias dissolve in its pages, replaced by 12 polyvalent excursions into the near distant future. Exploring the speculative interactions of our human form parsed with aesthetics and architecture, literature, biology and philosophy, it presents a non-linear loop of creative constructs for our physical and digital realities alike.


January – Emanuele Coccia

February – Simon Denny
Photography by Nick Ash

March – Natsuko Uchino
Photography by Marvin Leuvrey

April – Ben Elliot

May – Alice Potts

June – Aurèce Vettier

July – Jeremy Shaw

August – Katie Paterson

September – Carlijn Jacobs & Thomas de Kluyver
Styling by Imruh Asha

October – Aria Dean

November – Manger Manger
Photography by Jonathan Llense

December – Cui Jie

Resident 1 by Simon Denny, 2021
Photography by Nick Ash

Squid Money (13, 5, 11) by Natsuko Ochino, 2021
Photography by Marvin Leuvrey

Smartsuit by Ben Elliot, 2021

‘Borsa In Sudore’ with Gucci ‘Aria’ Horsebit 1955 handbag by Alice Potts, 2021

‘I am the lapis-lazuli in the palace garden that you are forbidden to touch, the companion of the one who hears, without my blue, the pomegranate trees and oleander would have no colour.’ AV-2021-U-159 by Aurèce Vettier, 2021

Photography by Rio Gandara for Helsingin Sanomat

Hyeonsung in ‘Proxima Centauri’ by Carlijn Jacobs & Thomas de Kluyver, 2021

Untitled (Obscenities) by Aria Dean, 2017

Jelly Cake – Agar (Gracilaria), Activated Charcoal, Collagen Peptides and Spirulina (Arthrospira Platensis) Gucci forks with lion head handle in Alpaca Silver by Manger Manger, 2021 in ‘Élan Vital’
Photography by Jonathan Llense

中部非洲国家银行,雅温得 (Bank of Central African States, Yaoundé) by Cui Jie, 2020




The 26th issue is the Vietnamese-American designer’s most intimate project to date, inviting readers to explore the idea of home and understand the internal narratives of the shy designer.

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