Entitled Rhapsody In The Street, A#22 responds to the tradition of Black poetry, literature and portrait photography of the 20th century, featuring a curation of archival portfolios and other historical ephemera, as well as newly commissioned essays, poems, paintings and portraits.

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Cover of Article "Technologies of the Self, Los Angeles"

Technologies of the Self, Los Angeles

Curated by Jay Ezra Nayssan, the four-person show ‘Technologies of the Self’ at Marc Selwyn Fine Art, Los Angeles, is a catacomb of sorts — a room ‘decorated’ with coffins or chrysalises, depending on one’s perspective.

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Cover of Article "A#1 MMM as seen by Keisuke Otobe"

A#1 MMM as seen by Keisuke Otobe

Milan-based Japanese artist Keisuke Otobe reinterprets a series of images from inside (and outside) the 2021 limited edition reprint of A Magazine Curated By Maison Martin Margiela.

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Cover of Article "Watanabe-san’s Glam Rock Girls"

Watanabe-san’s Glam Rock Girls

In Tokyo, Comme Des Garçons’ Junya Watanabe staged a faux rock concert for his Autumn Winter 2021-22 women’s collection, collaborating with Versace on archive rococo prints.

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Cover of Article "Wrap / Up"

Wrap / Up

A further look at the methodology of styling itself, in a visual portfolio by Paris-based stylist Imruh Asha photographed by long-time collaborator Carlijn Jacobs.

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Cover of Article "Via Jonathan Anderson, An Homage To Joe Brainard (1942-1944)"

Via Jonathan Anderson, An Homage To Joe Brainard (1942-1944)

By unearthing the all but forgotten works of the American artist and writer Joe Brainard, Jonathan Anderson presents a trio of insightful dialogues ft. Jim Jarmusch, Paul Auster and more, complementing Loewe’s Autumn Winter 2021-22 men’s collection with nostalgic memories from the New York School.


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Cover of Article "MPP, MÊME PAS PEUR"


Detached from traditional purpose, everyday objects find new meaning in the hands of artists and designers. Discover their subtle takeover of a Milanese apartment curated by Italian artist Davide Stucchi.

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Cover of Article "In Tokyo, Rei Kawakubo’s ‘Darkroom’"

In Tokyo, Rei Kawakubo’s ‘Darkroom’

Reporting from Tokyo, Noam Levinger and Arieh Rosen visit Comme Des Garçons HQ for an intimate audience with Rei Kawakubo’s ‘Homme Plus’ collection for Autumn Winter 2021-22.

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Cover of Article "Peter Doig’s ‘Rara Avis’"

Peter Doig’s ‘Rara Avis’

On the occasion of the Dior Men Winter 2021-22 collection designed by Kim Jones, we revisit the designer’s A Magazine alphabet with the letter ‘O’ for ornithology, a birdwatching story featuring the Scottish painter Peter Doig.

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Cover of Article "SUSTAIN by Dilys Williams"

SUSTAIN by Dilys Williams

An essay by Professor Dilys Williams on positive evolution and a new collective conscience in the fashion industry, originally published inside A Magazine Curated By Lucie and Luke Meier, 2020.


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