A#1 MMM (2004-2021)

as seen by Keisuke Otobe

I. The transparent cover wrap designed by Paul Boudens.

II. A white ‘readymade’ power cord, scanned by Maison Martin Margiela.

In celebration of the 2021 limited edition reprint of A Magazine Curated By Maison Martin Margiela (2004), the Milan-based Japanese artist Keisuke Otobe reinterpreted a series of images from inside the issue through his digital-meets-analogue photographic practice.

Through a meticulous layering of physical manipulation, flatbed scanning and collage techniques, Otobe continues the legacy of unconventional image-making that is present throughout this landmark issue – a document that unites so many diverse styles of photographic methodologies across its pages, from X-ray to cyanotypes, photocopying and more.

Starting with the transparent cover wrap with white screen-printed typography designed by Paul Boudens, Otobe delved into A#1 selecting existing imagery that corresponded to his wishes to transform bodies and objects, isolating flat imagery from the printed document and giving it a new three dimensionality.

Scroll below to investigate Otobe’s personal interpretation of this historical project, flowers and flies included.

III. Photography by Ronald Stoops & Inge Grognard.

IV. Fabric and newspaper collages by Julian House.

V. Girardi, a long-time house model, meets Maison Martin Margiela’s written motto.

VI. Violeta Sanchez by Laurent Mercier.

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The 25th issue of has been guest edited by Chitose Abe of the Japanese cult label sacai. As the first Japanese woman to curate an issue, Abe has called upon her inner circle of friends, family and artistic collaborators to contribute cultural and creative content across the 200 page magazine.

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