JW Anderson Spring Summer 2023

Lost Spring

Photography and words by Seán McGirr

Photography by Seán McGirr

In an exclusive portfolio of photography for A Magazine Curated By, the Irish photographer and menswear designer Seán McGirr offers a deeply personal take on the JW Anderson Men’s Spring Summer 2023 collection, documenting family and fellow colleagues wearing pieces from the British label.

“I’m interested in finding the beauty in youthful ephemera and in taking a reflective look at teenage years.

These images are largely through a focus on my boyfriend’s nephew Joe, who lives in Switzerland and is 14 years old.

I photographed Joe around King’s Cross in London wearing pieces from JW Anderson with his own clothes and asked him to wear what he wanted, how he wanted.

I was interested in mundane moments and objects from one’s childhood, like being in your Dad’s car wearing his sports jacket in a weird way. The worker gloves on the dashboard, car CDs and maybe a skateboard in the back.

The smashed CDs on a hoodie remind me of being a teen and always having a smashed iPhone screen.

There is an exciting sort of tension in these textures together – the heavy duty rubber and iridescent luminosity in CDs against woodchipped skateboards.

I also wanted to photograph young members of the JW Anderson design team in London wearing their own designs.

I wanted to shoot everyone the way they are. It’s about the idea of adolescence and their breakaway from childhood.

London is always the most inspiring place for me when it comes to anything youth related so it was important to play with that.”

— Seán McGirr

Talent: Joe Foxton, Matthew Empringham, Lea Kasper, Dohan Jung
Retouching by James Avery

All clothing JW Anderson Men’s Spring Summer 2023 and model’s own.




The 26th issue is the Vietnamese-American designer’s most intimate project to date, inviting readers to explore the idea of home and understand the internal narratives of the shy designer.

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