A Magazine #22 Curated By Grace Wales Bonner

Compression Gliding

Words by Chino Amobi

Streuli, Beat. (2017) New York, USA.

A response to photography by Beat Streuli,
featured inside A Magazine #22 Curated By Grace Wales Bonner.


The clouds are moving coolly and with gentle speed.
Tinted patches of zero blue light glow hard over the horizon, A long strip is left to run from the forehead back to below his nape, held in place with cold waxy gel.

the ground effect, or sometimes compression gliding.

Twelve brown pelicans fly in formation down the coast, to the beat of boardwalk trams, in shadows, sand,
And bell call for prayer.

A young man’s sharp eyes follow the fowl in formation while engaged in a cell phone conversation. His wool cap covered with dust is clear and bright.

With freshly unbraided hair, while taking off her crisp blue t-shirt,
she opens her discerning cold grey, to the sea
and you become IT while the beat lasts,
Under green off market automobile lights.

The mind should be like this

Large tumid batik cloth, reverberating slowly in the sea breeze.
The street angels float because they are so light.

Pilots often joke that successfully landing an airplane
is just a pilot controlled crash.

A supine couple with fitted blue and pink jackets sitting on a bench are speaking and gesturing to one another but you cannot translate.

Wind playing with the group of boys in football kits selling okrika* and pure water under plastic blue vapors, above the buoyancy of the pelican flight, twelve seconds to the right of high tide infinitesimal shore evaporation loop.

You become the indigo dunes.
Dusk visions that swallow sound systems,
Inverted laughter reverses toward zero rip current,
Mumbai to Lagos, Lagos to Liverpool, Liverpool to The Hague,
The Hague to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Kingston
This aerodynamic phenomenon is very important to aerial wildlife, and it has been copied by humans.

*Okrika is an Igbo phrase which is widely used to describe cheap second-hand items sold at open spaces. Okrika may include clothes, shoes, bags, electronic devices and phones. A good number of Lagosians patronise these items because they are mostly affordable.

Streuli, Beat. (2016) Cotonou, Benin.

Streuli, Beat. (2013) Tangier, Morocco.

Streuli, Beat. (2010) Chennai, India.

Streuli, Beat. (2016) Cotonou, Benin.

Following his six month residency at Arts Explora – Cité Internationale des Arts, American artist Chino Amobi weaves together experimental music, film, literature, fashion and contemporary art into an exhibition, Sextant, on show at Fitzpatrick Gallery in Paris from April 9th, 2022 until May 28th, 2022.


Sextant by Chino Amobi, Fitzpatrick Gallery, Paris.

Image by Marc Asekhame. Make Up: Sasha Gymn. Hair: Yann Turchi. Garment: Eroica by Chino Amobi in collaboration with Karolina Widecka. Design: Marietta Eugster.

Sextant, Fitzpatrick Gallery




The 26th issue is the Vietnamese-American designer’s most intimate project to date, inviting readers to explore the idea of home and understand the internal narratives of the shy designer.

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