Cover of Article "Elmgreen & Dragset ‘Useless Bodies?’"

Elmgreen & Dragset ‘Useless Bodies?’

The Berlin-based duo muse on their current exhibition spanning the entire Fondazione Prada in Milan, an ambitious body of work that examines the state of the human body and its utility, or the lack thereof.

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Cover of Article "Simon Denny’s ‘Resident 1, 2021’"

Simon Denny’s ‘Resident 1, 2021’

The New Zealand-born artist describes his quilted rugby jersey featured in Futura Proxima, as it relates to colonial and capitalist powers that continue to exert influence on modern society.

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Cover of Article "Aria Dean: Life As Scene"

Aria Dean: Life As Scene

Recently named as a participant in the 2022 Whitney Biennial, the American artist discusses the critical and social theories that underscore her work featured inside FUTURA PROXIMA.

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Cover of Article "Squid Theory by Natsuko Uchino"

Squid Theory by Natsuko Uchino

The notions and influences of the Japanese artist and her hypothetical currency series of cuttlebone bronze sculptures featured in FUTURA PROXIMA are further revealed.

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