by Imruh Asha & Carlijn Jacobs

Vintage satin saucer beret, Les Mauvais Garçons. ‘Coral Reef’ beaded choker, Hugo Kreit.
Leather assemblage skirt (as top), Lanvin.



In an evolving artistic dialogue between stylist Imruh Asha and photographer Carlijn Jacobs, A Magazine presents ‘Wrap / Up’, the second instalment in a series of images that celebrate the very act of styling and the ephemeral nature of image-making as a purely aesthetic construct. In ‘Pin / Up’, Asha laid bare the tricks of the trade, highlighting the way clips and pins can distort the viewer’s perception of a garment. Here, his gaze turns to another sort of illusion – that of the cinematic shadow play of transparency created by layered veils and masks that distort the face through a game of repurposed textiles and up-cycled readymade elements.

Left: Vintage blue feather boa, Les Mauvais Garçons. Orange marabou, blue tulle wrap, polypropylene broom, tulle neckpiece, all stylist’s own. Black dress, Situationist.

Right: ‘Picasso’ hat, Benoit Missolin. Tulle wrap and neckpiece, stylist’s own. Crystal dress, Alexandre Vauthier.

Trained through Jacobs’ lens, Asha’s colourful expression combines traditional millinery and ready-to-wear pieces from Parisian houses such as Lanvin, Balenciaga and Alexandre Vauthier as a canvas for his in-situ assemblage of tulle piping, mesh and feathers, creating a strange tension of colour and form. Together, their vision evokes elegant couture gestures that appear both mysterious and playful at once – questioning the boundaries between body, garment, and ephemeral sculpture.

Left: Pink tulle resin mask, stylist’s own. ‘Coral Reef’ choker, Hugo Kreit.

Right: Marabou feathers, tulle, stylist’s own. Silk dress, Balenciaga.


Photographer: Carlijn Jacobs
Stylist: Imruh Asha

Casting: Ikki Casting @ the art board
Hair: Yuji Okuda @ Artlist
Make-up: Manu Kopp @ Artlist
Stylist Assistants: Aroua Ammari and Anita Szymczak

Talent: Kim Schell @ Viva Paris

Tulle, balloon, ribbon, nylon, tulle, stylist’s own. Leather shirt, Lourdes. Embellished silk shirt, Annakiki.

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